Breathwork Group Meetings

4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Ahimsa Yoga House
Υδρας, Λιανή Άμμος, Χαλκίδα, Εύβοια, 34100, Χαλκίδα

Group Meetings are a torturous way to introduce new people to the Breathwork technique.

No, we’re kidding! After the breathing, most participants come out with a deep sense of peace and connection. Faces are lighted and hearts are open, joyful. And that’s true 🙂

Group Sessions comprise of two parts. During the first part we go through the basics of the process, how it works when it comes to the release of emotional energy and what you might experience in terms of physical sensations. The second part is where you get to actually familiarise yourself with the breathing technique.
In private sessions the breathing part remains the same but the first part changes completely, putting all the focus on the processing of any issue the client has. And hence it is far more targeted and effective.

Please wear loose, warm clothes, avoid tight underwear and bring your water. Nibbles for grounding after the end of the session will be provided.
We all love the slow rhythms of the weekend, but please set your intention to come on time.

Cost: by donation
Booking your place is essential (Fb inbox or email)

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