Processing and Consultation Workshop

10/11/2018 - 11/11/2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Open Space Studio
Skouze 5, Ag. Irinis sq., Athens, 105 60

How do we approach and assist our clients to find their truth?
How can we retain our clarity and remain at our heart when they start talking about their issue? How do we stay in that “place of stillness”?
How do we assist them to see their shadows and support their healing process in a compassionate way?
They’ve done the first step: they asked for support. Now the challenge is ours.

This is a two-day workshop open for all those who are working in the personal development field, independently of the specific technique they’re using. They could be rebirthing breathworkers and shaman healers, personal coaches or yoga teachers, energy therapists or massage practitioners.
I will provide concepts and tools for all those who would like to work on their communication skills so that they can enable a significant shift in their social, work, family and intimate relations. And that’s because the principles are always the same and apply to all the levels: clear, loving communication and ownership of our stuff create the space for better connection between people in our everyday life.

In this workshop we will assess:
The importance of being clear with ourselves and how this prevents projection transference and unhealthy client/partitioner relationships
The process of setting up a safe space. What does this mean and how do we achieve this sense of equanimity
The emotional processing tools. Practical ways to support our clients to go deeper into their fears in a loving way
The active work of listening. How can we learn to read verbal keys, body talk and settle energy shifts
The hard task of assuming personal responsibility. Help your clients in a compassionate way to see into their shadows and own them

There will be some talking, but there will also be a lot of practice, a lot of play in pairs and in groups and a lot of joy. The Hummingbird will be flying around us.
It goes without saying that we’ll have a group breathe on completion of both days as an integrative tool to release any emotional energy brought up by the action of processing and learning.

Coffee/tea and snacks will be provided. Translation from english to greek will be available but please let us know if you need it in advance.


Cost: 90 euro per person

Contact: Stathia at 6997133221 or Paul 6946771759

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