Master Rebirthing Breathwork Training 2017




Visit Athens in Spring and combine your Easter vacation break with some

light bulb moments, self-healing and ultimately sanity.

Pauline Win, at the leading edge of Rebirthing since the ‘70s, is organising her next Master Rebirthing Training in Athens, in a beautiful venue under the foot of the Acropolis – one of the most celebrated monuments in the world.

About this Master Rebirthing Training

This course is designed for anyone who is willing to undertake a journey into self discovery and self healing. Pauline will guide you through this 10 day program to learn and experience amazing yet gentle breathing techniques which were naturally known to ancient yogi masters and shamans. Two more days, 14-15/04/18, will be offered for ‘in water’ breathwork training at the greek island of Evia.

…memories come up often far beyond the range of our conscious memory storage, because the memory capacity of the amygdale reaches back to the earliest time of pregnancy. The visual impressions that come with it may not always be accurate, since they are formed by the associative cortex… Our brain does not work like a historical scientist, who carefully separates facts from fiction, but more like a poet, who creates images with complex meanings. Wilfried Echermann

Through these cyclic breathing techniques you will be able to access early traumas formed from the time you were conceived that still reside suppressed in the subconscious, restricting the view of yourself and the world.

Whether you wish to be a practitioner in breathwork or not, this training will assist you to become aware of your core unconscious thought patterns, which inform your sense of confidence and self worth, career choices, intimate relationships and physical wellbeing. In essence, it is a training that will provide you with the necessary tools to support and empower yourself and others, and ultimately transform your life.

Investment (tuition only):
Early bird registration until 10/3/18
850 euro per person or
750 euro per person for friends/couples

Registration after 11/03/18
950 euro per person or

850 euro per person for friends/couples

  • We offer free accommodation in two bedroom apartments near the venue, for the first participants who book.
  • There will be 12 free 1-hour supervision sessions from completion of the training.