Scientific Work

Τhe number of studies and researchers that underline the positive impact of Breathwork in emotional, mental and physical health is constantly rising. In this section, we can only present a minimum from the wealth of scientific research that connects Breathwork with the field of medicine, psychology and holistic therapy. Most researches abstracts are also in full pdf form.

In case you are facing a specific emotional/mental issue or a physical condition and are willing to explore the possibility of approaching it throught the Breathwork technique, but you would like to receive more information regarding its application in your case, please contact us. Every case is unique and it is our foremost intention to treat it as such.


Emotional and Mental Health:

Indicative studies and researches regarding the positive benefits of Breathwork in cases of: Depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attacks, relaxation, couple counselling etc.

  1. Breathwork An Additional Treatment Option for Depression and Anxiety
  2. Enhanced adaptive behavioural response in agoraphobic patients pretreated with breathing retraining
  3. The Psychology and Physiology of Breathing: In Behavioral Medicine, Clinical Psychology, and Psychiatry
  4. The efficacy of breathing retraining and the centrality of hyperventilation in panic disorder: A reinterpretation of experimental findings
  5. Breathwork and Couple Relationships
  6. Progressive muscle relaxation, breathing exercises, and ABC relaxation theory
  7. A psychology of breathing methods
  8. Mechanisms of mindfulness: Emotion regulation following a focused breathing induction 
  9. Sudarshan Kriya Yogic Breathing in the Treatment of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: Part I—Neurophysiologic Model
  10. The utility of prolonged respiratory exhalation for reducing physiological and psychological arousal in non-threatening and threatening situations


Physical Conditions/ Physical Health:

Indicative studies and researches regarding the positive benefits of Breathwork in cases of: blood pressure, asthma, pain managment in labour, cancer etc.

  1. Breathing-control lowers blood pressure
  2. Breathing exercises for asthma: a randomised controlled trial
  3. Use of pharmacological and non-pharmacological labour pain management techniques and their relationship to maternal and infant birth outcomes: examination of a …
  4. Complementary and alternative therapies for pain management in labour
  5. Non-pharmacological intervention for breathlessness in lung cancer
  6. Effects of Abdominal Breathing Training Using Biofeedback on Stress, Immune Response and Quality of Life in Patients with a Mastectomy for Breast Cancer
  7. The Impact of Integrative Breathwork Psychotherapy on the Psychosomatic Status of Breast Cancer Patients