What made me want to try breathwork, was the concept of not just discussing for my feelings but connecting with them in the most natural way, breathing. Paul gained my trust at once, as I felt inspired by him for being so authentic, experienced and genuinely dedicated to his work. Indeed, he has guided me in the most wise and loving way and taught me how to discover beneath what would seem uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, my internal power, bringing more love and truth to my relationship with myself and others.
Maria Triantafyllou
Paul holds a powerful and supportive presence of nurturing support, fierce love and tenderness for initiation and inner growth resultant of the breathwork process. Anyone courageous enough to engage in this deep, transformational inner work - who chooses to work with Paul - will benefit greatly from his guidance. His ability to 'see' beyond our masks in order for profound healing to occur is a gift. I highly recommend Paul Jones to anyone who wanting to experience profound and sacred change within, and the desire to develop a deep connection with their inner Divine Light.
Celeste Ametrine
California Focus Centered Living for Self Empowered Healing
Paul has beautiful, supportive energy and great intuition and is a very switched-on breathworker. I do know that I'm very grateful for the support he gave me!
Haille Denniston
New Zealand Associatin of Breathwork / Treasurer
What touches me the most about Paul Jones is the innocence, the presence and the soulful investment in the therapeutic process. He is a Breathworker equipped with many psychotherapy tools but in my eyes he is one of the few left so truly dedicated in their healing work and still so innocent. Without any agenda. His amazingly deep intuitiveness and his grounded spiritual connection turn Breathwork into a bomb destroyer for the Ego... I have the feeling that Breathwork is a road towards innocence so it s no coincidence that Paul is serving it so well... I‘ve had quite a few private sessions with him and I feel grateful because each time I come closer to my core being. I stand naked in front of any personal Truth or Lie, in front of any constructed idea that protects myself or helps me survive. And to what can not be constructed but simply is. To this sweetness of life, of breath, of who I am, of connection. Through some strange route Breathwork is like reaching to who I was before my birth... Thank you Paul.
Chryssa Triantafyllopoulou
Craniosacral practitioner
Paul’s hugely compassionate and intuitive way of relating to his clients creates a very safe and ‘allowing' environment for transformation.
Professional Breathworker / New Zealand
My Breathwork experience with Paul and Stathia is possibly the most valuable and profound gift I have ever made to myself. The reason being that through the process I learned to allow myself to express freely and I loved Michalis much more. I now express my feelings without judging them and hence my relationship with the others and with my self are more real and deep. I haven't experienced Breathwork with no one else but Paul, but I can say with certainty that if you would like to face yourself with absolute love, to let go of any ''negative'' emotion inside you, feeling pleasure and total safety in the process, then you are at the right place, with the right person. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart 🙂
Michalis Rallis
I first met Paul Jones in 2006, on a Breathwok training course. Since then our paths have frequently joined in the Breathwork environment. I experience Paul as a genuine, caring and loving Breathwork facilitator and support person. He has an intuitive knack for understanding the individual needs of those he works with/supports. In the past I've found it hard to trust a male, especially in role of someone to support me when I'm feeling most vulnerable. Paul, I trust implicitly. I wish him all the very best wherever his path leads him.
Suzanne Boon
Guardian of Moontime Aotearoa & Natural Health Practitioner
I'm grateful for meeting Paul and Breathwork in my life. Even from the first sessions I realised things about myself that in a way unlocked me, I took important decisions that I was postponing for long and I felt safe to share and work on my fears. The practice of Breathwork helps me in magical way release whatever suppresses me and every time I feel that I come closer to myself. Without Paul nothing from all these would be as I describe them! He is always beside me to listen without judging, to show me a way without influencing me, to make me believe in myself when I feel uncertain. And his does this with love, pure love. Thank you <3
Dimitra Apodiakou
Marketing CEO