Level II – 338 Hours

In the first level, the energy of the room is a bit more explosive, the sessions are slightly more intense, the revelations more shocking, as the breath lifts the lid on emotions, memories and experiences that have been kept closed for a long time.

At the second level, the experience is usually softer, but much deeper and has much more body-mind awareness. Much of the energy that remained suppressed and accumulated in the body has now been released or it’s easier to manage.

Participants are familiar with the power and potential of the breath, they come more prepared and above all more balanced. Having become acquainted with their senses and emotions, they learn to find and en-hance a sense of security within themselves, to move comfortably in and out of the most uncomfortable senses, and to use touch and movement as a catalyst for release.

By the end of the second level, participants have worked deeply with their body, mind and soul and have been provided with tools to be able to support other people in pri-vate sessions and group meetings.

In Level ΙΙ, participants:

  • will gain a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system
  • will become confident in facilitating group breathwork
  • will build a different relation with their senses and emotions and will move easily between what’s uncomfortable and what’s safe
  • will add the element of touch and movement
  • will understand the basic principles regarding the neurology of trauma
  • will deepen communication and counselling skills
  • they will safely guide breathwork sessions in hot and cold water

Why join Level II Training?


Hot + Cold Water Breathwork

Water is a trademark of the Breathwork technique, despite the fact that many international trainings tend to overlook it.

Both heat and cold trigger different and very intense sensations, along with memories deeply inscribed in our cells.

When breathing in the water, we experience completely different aspects of respiration and become aware of the full potential of the breath as a healing tool for ourselves and for the people we support.


Private Sessions

At Level I, the exchanges are mostly a chance for personal inquiry.

At Level II, we prepare participants for working privately, by giving them more counselling techniques and more practice, eventually leading to them conducting private sessions as part of their certification process.


Working with trauma

Working with our own trauma, we contribute to the release of collective trauma as well.

At Level II, the aim is to familiarise participants with current trauma research, to explore the possibilities and limitations of breathwork as a trauma release technique, in order to support themselves and their clients with safety and integrity.

As time goes by, the breathwork community in Greece grows stronger.

Our aim is for this community to become a steady resource for meaningful connection, support and practice.


The Level II training is addressed to people who have completed Level I or a breathwork training lasting minimum 150 hours.



10.00 – 18.00

16-17 December 2023

  • 1st Module:

    Anatomy and physiology of the breathing mecha-nism + Introduction to group support



10.00- 19.00

13-14 and 27-28 January 2024

10-11 and 24-25 February 2024

  • 2nd Module: Breathwork and Trauma

    Basic principles of trauma. Using breath and movement as tools to manage and release trauma.



10.00 – 19.00

9-10 and 23-24 March 2024

13-14 and 27-28 April 2024

  • 3rd Module:

    using breath and movement as tools to manage and release trauma

4th Module

Duration 20 hours

  • 4th Module:

    Inner Project

5th Module


3 days 20 hours

Aidipsos, Evia

  • 5th Module: Hot Water Breathwork

    Hot Water Breathwork.

6th Module


3 days / 15 hours


Private Sessions

Duration 60 hours + 3 hours of supervision

Participant Exchanges

Duration 20 hours

  • 6th Module: Cold Water Breathwork

    Breathing in the sea


Early Bird: 1750€ + VAT

Late Bird after 15/6/23: 1900€+ VAT

  • Flexible payment possibilities

    The training cost does not include the cost of venues entrance fee, gadgets, travelling to and back from the venues, accommodation or food regarding the stage of the Water Breathwork.

The Pure Awareness Certificate of Education meets the content and exceeds the re-quired theory and practice hours of the Associations, with which the School of Inner Resources Breathwork is affiliated.


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